ABOUT eRA eternity
Get to know our brand & accomplishments.

eRa was founded on YouTube in 2012 and started off primarily as a Call of Duty sniping team. We were apart of an early fleet of teams who competed with top names in the Call of Duty community. As eRa started producing content, we began to strengthen in numbers and expand to various eSports titles.

“At eRa, our mission is to become the world's leading electronic sports and entertainment brand among the competitive gaming community.”

As we have expanded into the competitive scene, our team have done some incredible things. Our Rainbow6 team placed 2nd at Six Invitationals, our COD teams continue to place extremely well, and our new teams have ambitions to carry the crown even further. We are eSports, and as the community continues to grow, we plan to grow alongside it.

UMG Sudbury
Our Call of Duty team placed 1st at UMG Sudbury 2017.
CWL Melbourne
Our Call of Duty team placed 6th at CWL Melbourne 2017.
ESEA S26 Main Championships
Our Counter Strike team placed 1st at the S26 Main Champs.
CWL Sheffield
Our Call of Duty team placed 5th at CWL Sheffield 2017.
Rainbow Six Invitational
Our Rainbow Six Team placed 2nd at the Six Invitational in 2017.
DreamHack Atlanta
Our Halo team placed 6th at DreamHack Atlanta 2017.
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By: Daniel See (@danielhsee) eRa Call of Duty has been eliminated from CWL New Orleans in their Open Bracket run. Being picked up ten days before the event, the team made sure they were as prepared as possible going into things. With all of that in mind, the team still faced a challenging and unpredictable...
By: Daniel See (@danielhsee) WE'RE GOING TO THE 2018 RAINBOW SIX INVITATIONALS!!!#eRaR6 won 3-1 against #TeamReckless after a nail biting series! We'll see you all in Montreal! pic.twitter.com/gl8uJ3LZHo — eRa (@eRa_Eternity) January 9, 2018 eRa Rainbow Six has nothing on their mind right now, except for the fact that they just won the Six Playoff...
It’s official! With the new year of 2018, eRa management has believed it was mandatory for a new website revamp. Proud to announce our new website is officially LIVE! Visit at https://t.co/R7xCsd8Ibs! pic.twitter.com/9t05HTjhVi — eRa (@eRa_Eternity) January 6, 2018 With this website done by our new website developer, Brett K., eRa’s fanbase will have a...