eRa is going to the Six Invitational!

By: Daniel See (@danielhsee)

eRa Rainbow Six has nothing on their mind right now, except for the fact that they just won the Six Playoff qualifier to secure an invitation to the Six Invitational. With an incredible 3-1 finish against Team Reckless, they have not only secured the invitation, but a back to back victory from last year with a brand new roster. The roster consisting of Gurman ‘Gurmy’ Bains, Dylan ‘Bosco’ Bosco, Ozgur ‘K9’Alturk, Seth ‘Supr’ Hoffman and Sam ‘Mahman’ Pak have only been a cohesive unit of 5 for a month and communication and core team improvement was key.

“I feel ecstatic about it because we finally showed what we were made of! We have improved so much over the past month. At the beginning of the team picking me up, I’m sure no one saw it coming that we would qualify for the tournament. We practiced everyday, took note of mistakes, and corrected them along the way. Team chemistry slowly built up and communications only improved. We really put in the work to get to where we are.” – Bosco

The Six Invitational which will be held between Tuesday, February 13th and Sunday, the 18th will feature the top 16 teams from around the globe. The first three days will consist of an online group stage with the transition to the main event in Montreal, Canada.

With eRa coming in second last year, many wonder what this new roster will do with such high hopes being placed upon their shoulders. Teams this year will be battling it out for a larger $500,000 prize pool and with the team hungry for a win, Alex ‘Azuhl’ Arteaga, CEO of eRa is sure that the team can make it to the top.

“Words cannot express my feelings right now. I’m so proud of the guys to be able to win the whole bracket, taking out some top teams and earning a spot at the Six Invitational. My feelings going into the event are nothing but great, I feel like the guys are super focused on the end game. I think we can do it” – Alex Arteaga

Although the team has seen a complete change in personnel, this new and fresh roster is looking to go one step further this year and take home the crown.

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