eRa announces Gears of War team!

By: Daniel See 

eRa is proud to finally announce the acquisition of a Gears of War team for the upcoming Gears Pro Circuit Open tournament run. Consisting of players Ryan ‘Wilde’ Gant, Chris ‘Crush’ Lauzon, Pedro ‘Zenun’ Nunez, Kevin ‘Firearm’ Teran, and Dylan ‘Eternity’ Merrill, the team’s first priority is attending the tournament in Mexico City, Mexico for a chance at a $150,000 prize pool. Under the supervision and guidance of newly acquired coach Kristopher Burger, the team will start the tournament in Pool Play alongside the likes of EUnited and World’s Best Gaming.

Although this is the first time going to an event as a team with this roster configuration, Pedro ‘Zenun’ Nunez is optimistic about the squads future and is keen on being in the winner’s circle.

“I’m looking to win. Every event there is one winner and a bunch of losers. I want to get eRa to a championship and I’m confident that this team can do so if we keep grinding”.

With over ten years of combined experience, this roster has come a long way the past couple of weeks in terms of personal preparation, communication, and practice in a new organizational setting. When asked about the acquisition and future of the current roster, team coach Kristopher Burger believes that he and eRa ownership are on the same page.

“We’re excited to be apart of eRa Eternity. We have always wanted someone to support our passion and understand the Gears of War scene. After speaking with management, we realized this is going to be our home for a long time. They have a very similar vision to ours, and we want to turn our vision into reality”.

The Gears Circuit open in Mexico City will be held between January 26th-28th at The World Trade Center (Mexico City). You can find out more information on the tournament here and stay up to date on all things eRa by following us on twitter!