CWL Pro League: Stage One Week One recap…

By: Daniel See

Tuesday saw the start of week one of the Call of Duty Pro League Stage One competition in Columbus Ohio. Era having picked up a fresh lineup only a short time before the lock, it was no secret that there would a lot to prove. Placed in Division A, the roster is destined to compete alongside teams like OpTic Gaming, Team Kaliber, Mindfreak, Team Vitality, Echo Fox, Rise Nation and Red Reserve.

Day One – Tuesday, January 23rd

eRa was faced with a high mountain to climb. Team Kaliber, back to back Call of Duty open champions were the first in line to take on the team. After a hard-fought series, eRa ultimately took the 3-0 loss for the first match of the day.

  • Map 1 | Hardpoint – Saint Marie (250 – 222)
  • Map 2 | SnD – Ardennes Forest (6-1)
  • Map 3 | CTF – Flak Tower (2-1)
    • Final Map Count (0-3)

For match number two of the night, Echo Fox, another highly regarded team were looking to open their run with a win as well. Another hard fought series led to another defeat but with eRa taking their first map (Capture The Flag) in the process. eRa ended day one with a 1-6 map count.

  • Map 1 | Hardpoint – Ardennes Forest (250-173)
  • Map 2 | SnD – USS Texas (6-4)
  • Map 3 | CTF London Docks (4-1)
  • Map 4 | Hardpoint – Gibraltar (250-97)
    • Final Map Count (1-3)

With a rough start, the eRa roster was determined to come back strong but that wouldn’t come any easier with OpTic Gaming on deck.

Day Two – Wednesday, January 24th

Day 2 started with eRa down in match count and map count. With a shaky start, eRa now faced OpTic Gaming, an equally challenging force compared to Team Kaliber. With a pre-assumed 3-0 victory for OpTic, eRa was able to take Map 2 SnD on London Docks from the Greenwall, ending day two with a league standing of 0-3.

  • Map 1 | Hardpoint – Gibraltar (250-168)
  • Map 2 | SnD – London Docks (6-2)
  • Map 3 | CTF – Flak Tower (3-2)
  • Map 4 | Hardpoint – Saint Marie (250-163)
    • Final Map Count (1-3)

Now showing promise and improvement, eRa had one more match against Mindfreak and a growing hunger to win.

Day Three – Thursday, January 25th

Starting off day three and with the last match of the week looming over their heads, eRa was in a position to turn on the jets and take a win against the current 0-1 Mindfreak squad. Coming out incredibly strong in the series, eRa set up a good run finally giving them a win.

  • Map 1 | Hardpoint – Ardennes Forest (250-199)
  • Map 2 | SnD – Ardennes Forest (6-2)
  • Map 3 | CTF – Ardennes Forest (3-0)
    • Final Map Count (3-0)

After a rough first week of competition, the roster currently stands 1-3 in the Call of Duty World League in the sixth position. They will have another shot to increase their record when week 2 begins on January 30th with their first matchup against Rise Nation.

You can follow the Call of Duty World League on and view the schedule here!

Image courtesy of CODGamepedia