eRa Call of Duty are CWL Pro League Challenge Champions

By: Daniel See

With week one of the CWL Pro League concluded and with some time before the start of week two, the competitive hunger didn’t cease. The CWL Pro League challenge, which is the equivalent of a 2000 series tournament but for the Divison “A” contenders, saw its inaugural debut this past weeekend.

Starting Saturday off with a bracket of 16 teams, eRa’s first matchup of the weekend was a 3-1 victory against Lethal Gaming, starting the team off with a strong performance. With Team Kaliber next on deck, the rematch of week one of the Pro League was anybody’s game. In a shocking and upset fashion, eRa took the 3-1 win over the two time open champions, eliminating them from the tournament and giving eRa a 2-0 record to end day one.

Sunday was no different for the eRa Call of Duty roster. With another dominant performance over Next Threat with a 3-1 victory in the semi-finals, eRa now found themselves in the finals against one of the most consistent teams in Call of Duty, OpTic Gaming. This being another rematch in the eyes of eRa, their strategies and team work had to be perfect. This time around, eRa was ready and another upset was upon them. With another shocking and dominant performance, eRa took the match 3-1 to become the inaugural Champions of the CWL Pro League Challenge!

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