Jordan Cannon returns to eRa as General Manager

By: Daniel See

eRa is proud to the announce the return of Jordan ‘Proofy’ Cannon as General Manager!

After a long career as a professional Call of Duty player with a career spanning 11 titles, eRa felt that this was the perfect match! The experience is a big part of the position and having someone who has been in the shoes of someone who competes is a big advantage to have as someone who is responsible for personnel.

CJ Kornhaus, CEO of eRa had this to say about the acquisition…

“From our first interactions together we’ve all gotten along very well with ProoF whether he was playing for us or not. We have discussed ProoF coming into management for quite some time now and felt the time was finally right. We are very happy to finally welcome him aboard”!

With a strong management base already, Proof is excited to add to the mix and learn in the process…

“It’s feels good to always remain in the space, I’m just more pleased I’m able to come back and be apart of an organization that wants what’s best for everyone involved. I hope to expand my skills and knowledge through this while building healthy relationships with anyone I want to work with and meet”.

With the addition of Proofy as general manager, eRa now looks to the future of the team and hopes consistancy will propell the team to the next level.

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