CWL Pro League: Stage One Week 2 recap

By: Daniel See

Tuesday saw the start of week two of the Call of Duty Pro League Stage One competition in Columbus Ohio. After winning the CWL Pro League challenge in the finals against OpTic Gaming, the roster had to bring back the fire for LAN!

Day One – Tuesday, January 30th

eRa was once again faced with a high mountain to climb. Rise Nation, a dominant team in Divison “A” were the first to take a shot at the CWL challenge champions. After a hard-fought series, eRa ultimately took the 3-0 loss to end day one. With a rough start, the eRa roster was determined to come back strong.

Day Two – Wednesday, January 31st

Day 2 started out with a mirror finish to last Wednesday against OpTic Gaming with a 3-1 loss to Red Reserve. Another hard-fought and close series ultimately led to a win on Search and Destroy but it wasn’t enough to secure the win. Showing promise and improvement, eRa had one more match against Team Vitality to close out Division “A” of the CWL Pro League.

Day Three – Thursday, February 1st

Starting off day three and with the last match of Divison “A” on the horizon, eRa wasn’t ready to give up the ghost without a fight. Coming out slow in the series, eRa were down 0-2 in map count and attempted to mount a reverse sweep with a comeback CTF and Hardpoint victory, taking Team Vitality to Game 5 Search and Destroy. After a tough round eleven match, eRa lost in a respectable 3-2 map count cementing their standing in 7th place.

After a hard fought two weeks of competition, the roster currently stands 1-6 in the Call of Duty World League in the seventh position. Divison “B” week one starts on February 6th with Team Envyus taking on FaZe Clan.

You can follow the Call of Duty World League on and view the schedule here!

Image courtesy of CODGamepedia