eRa Eternity was founded on the 4th of May in 2012 starting off as a YouTube sniping entertainment organization. Creating popular series like ‘eRaCams’ and ‘Killcam of the Week,’ eRa was quick to climb up the ladder in the sniping community. eRa’s ownership throughout the years have gotten passed around due to people not being able to dedicate their time to the brand. This has resulted in eRa ending repeatedly throughout the years until early 2017. In January 2017, eRa restarted with new management on board with 50% ownership starting up the eSports side of the sniping team. Months later, the other owners and newer management had a fallout due to the YouTube side not being productive. As of May 2017, Alex Arteaga bought out the other 50% of the organization and rebooted eRa by releasing all sniping members and restarting it under new management. Starting off as a popular Call of Duty team, eRa was quick to turn into one of the most renown and commercially successful groups of individuals that combined a variety of Content Creators & Streamers. eRa was quick to accelerate in its niche, becoming one of the most viewed Call of Duty teams on YouTube and generating some of the fastest-growing creators in the scene.



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